I thought that it  would be helpful to begin by discovering what, for me, prayer is.  The best definition I have  found for prayer comes from the notes in the Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible.

Interactive conversation with God about what we and God are thinking and doing together.

1.  It is interactive conversation.  Too often in my struggle with prayer it is merely a monologue, in which I speak, demand, whine and cry and God listens. But conversation is a two person process, in which I need to both  talk and listen.  Making the  time for silence and stopping to check if I am hearing God correctly is  the challenge  for me as I move forward in my prayer life.

2. Prayer is about what God thinks and wants done and about how I am a willing participant in his plan.  Instead of trying to convince God to give me what I want, I need to spend time learning what God is thinking and asking what God wants me to  do.

The prayer of  Thomas More, when adopted helps me to keep these points in mind….

The things good Lord we pray for, give us the grace to labour for.