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I have been reading the book, The God of small things.  The story of a Christian family struggling to find it’s way through life in India, the story touches on the secrets that keep families bound in a cycle of dysfunction.  This family has secrets, from alcoholism  and affairs, to physical and sexual abuse, to the tragic death of a visiting cousin.  At one point Rahal one of the twins observes that her family only talks about the small things and never acknowledges any of the secrets that keep them trapped.  What a  shame, because talking about the big things could prove to be very healing.

When she  thinks of God, she thinks of him as the God of small things.  That is even a greater shame, and yet I believe the place where so many families and congregations around the world are in their relationship with God.  God wants to make a big difference in our lives, but in order for him to do so we need to first talk with him about the big  things.  What hurts us deeply?  What are our deepest desires?  What gives us great joy?  God desires to be involved in all aspects of our lives, he desires to be  the God of the big things as well as the small things.  Let’s take that risk, and spend time with God discussing more than the small things and see where  that leads.