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I am truly blessed to have great friends who say profound things that make me think and ponder.  This is the snippet that has kept me thinking yesterday and today…

After the resurrection Jesus didn’t take  any time off.  He went to see the disciples….

Most of us will have a busy couple of days and we will head for bed, and say, “Hey it’s been tough and I’m tired, I’ll pray tomorrow.”

What if Jesus had taken that attitude.  “Hey God, I’ve had a rough weekend.  In fact it was hell.  I think I’ll take a few days off and rest up.”  But Jesus didn’t say that.  He rose from the grave, appeared to Mary, ascended to the Father and then appeared to the disciples.  He ministered to them, blessed them, prepared them to receive the Holy Spirit, and took the last few chances he would have to teach them something.  

So maybe  I need to check my own attitude, and instead of saying, “i’m too tired to pray,” and instead pray.  Surely I haven’t done anything as difficult as Jesus did, and if he didn’t take a day off from doing God’s will, maybe I shouldn’t either.

I need a new attitude, and I am going to try this one on for size:

Never too tired to pray.