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I blame the cat.  Last night I crawled into bed after a very busy and productive day.  I remembered that my new attitude was “Not too tired to pray.” and so I did start to pray.  And then the cat curled up beside my pillow, nestled his head on my palm and started to purr.  I stroked his ears and told him what a wonderful cat he was and then…. we both fell asleep.  Such was the lure of  a soft warm body and the peacefulness of a purring cat.



This morning I remembered my renewed commitment and apologized to God.  I blamed the cat, and then with a sense of wryness confessed to my Lord, thatit really wasn’t much of an excuse.  I could have prayed, the cat wouldn’t have known the difference between the words, “you are such a good cat” and “I thank you God for the blessings of this day.”

So tomorrow I leave to spend 2 weeks with my two gorgeous grandsons.  I no doubt will be tired at the end of each day.  That’s two whole weeks to practice my new attitude.  I’ll try to report in on how it goes.