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really praying

Bob Hostetler writes:

Abba, save me from “saying” prayers. 
Help me to pray. 
Teach me to pray. 
Prompt my praying. 
Guide my praying. 
Be the author of my prayers, 
from beginning to end, 
in Jesus’ name, amen.

This prayer makes me think of how often I just say prayers, without really paying attention, just going through the motions.  How often in the evening do I repeat the grown up version of “Now I lay me down to sleep” without really stopping to remember that prayer is meant to be a conversation between me and God about what He and are  thinking and doing together.  

When we ask God to teach us how to pray and guide our prayers then we are really praying, really having that deep and intimate conversation with God that we need and desire.

This is about passion and about calling and about purpose.  

Questions I hope that I ask when I am praying…..

What am I feeling passionate about today?  Does God have the same passion and concern?  What is God asking me to do about this event/person/situation?

Is my prayer furthering my calling to serve God or is it serving my wants/needs/desires?

As I pray is God revealing to me a purpose for my labor in his kingdom?

Does my prayer ask God to bless what I am doing, or does it lead me down the pathway that God has already blessed?

Sometimes I feel as if it could be so easy to take God for granted.  He is always there and he rescues me when I mess up, guides me when I am open to his leading, blesses me bountifully…Do I give as much in this relationship as God gives?  Sadly no; but I pray that with God’s guidance and leadership I can grow and fulfill my part of this relationship.