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Today I read through a list titled, “25 ways to experience God”.  There were a lot of suggestions that  look like they could be very enlightening and joyous.  Today the one that jumped out at me was #10

10 Praise God by writing an acrostic around one of His names.  In an acrostic, the first letter of a word starts the sentence, the second letter the second sentence, and so on.  For example,

Great and wonderful You are.

O,how my heart praises You.

Dear Savior, you are worthy of my love.

I had never done this before, I have written Psalm prayers and Celtic Prayers, but never an acrostic prayer.  Like any exercise in trying to write a prayer in a particular style, there is a lot of thought that has to go into the process.  Choosing words becomes a deliberate and intentional act, rather than just letting the words flow.  It took me a little bit of time to write a prayer God’s title of Creator, but this is what I came up with.

Christ who came to renew life;

Redeemer, whom I praise,

Earth reflects your goodness

And I marvel at the overflowing of your grace.

Today may I praise you as you deserve;

Oh my God, may my love for you be  seen in all that I do.

Renew me with your gifts of faith, hope  and love.  Amen.

I liked the way this exercise made me think.  It drew out of me words other than the words I usually use in prayer.  I will definitely try this again, and a few of  the other 25 suggestions as well, and see where it leads.