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There is a magazine advertisement that is currently running on television.  It asks the questions what if there was a curator of……fun, color, must do’s, etc.  One of the questions is “what if there was a curator of Bliss?”  And everytime, even though I know the answer is of course this magazine…..I respond, I know the curator of Bliss, it is God.

This ad always makes me ponder on the wonderful blessing of God, the ways in which he fills my life with purpose, meaning, peace, joy, friends, opportunities, gladness, comfort, guidance.  What is that overabundance of blessing if not bliss?

Blessing is bliss.  Bliss is blessing.  God is the source of my bliss.  God is the source of my blessing.  

Every time I view this advertisement I am renewed in my gratitude to God for all he has done and all that he is  doing.  It is a time in which to express my gratitude to God.  As I was pondering this bliss and blessing I noticed on my desk a prayer that a friend had given me.  This is one of the prayers that he uses in the healing ministry at the church where he worships and it seemed to me as I read it again that this prayer points to all the avenues of bliss and blessing that are uniquely God’s.

The Blessing of Shalom
May you be whole in body, soul and spirit as a result of being in harmony with God’s will and purpose for your life.
May His peace be your covering, you heart know His fullness, and by His mighty power may you know victory over the enemy. 
May He bring to pass the deepest desires of your heart.
May you know the healing power of his presence, and the restoration of every  broken relationship.
Through His sufficiency, may every need that you face be met with His limited resources.
May his covenant promises be fulfilled in your life and your family.
May he bring you the greatest measure of contentment and the deepest satisfaction that your heart can possibly know.
                                                                                  Roy Lessin

Oh yes, I know the curator of bliss; the creator of peace, the bringer of contentment and satisfaction.  

Oh yes, I know the curator of bliss: the harmony bringer, the purpose giver, the power giver.

Oh yes, I know the curator of bliss:  the healer and restorer.  In him I have everything I need and the desires of my heart are granted.

My God, the creator of heaven and earth is the curator of bliss.  Glory be to God forever and ever.  Amen.