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Today is Trinity Sunday and that inspired me to write another acrostic prayer.

Trinity, Father Son and Spirit
Reveal your presence, fill me with your goodness
Instruct me in your way, teach me to follow your path
Nurture within me the gifts that will serve you best
Increase within my love for your people
Teach me to hear your voice

You are my all in all

Father your love fills me to overflowing
Abba you have revealed your love time and time again
Test me and know my heart
Heal me that I may serve you
Encourage me to follow the pathway you are blessing
Reveal to me your will.

Son, Redeemer, Beloved Healer
Open my heart to receive your grace
Never let me go.

Spirit, bringer of the gifts of power
Paraclete, Holy One
Inspire me with your breath, fill me with your passion
Reveal to me your inspiration
I give you my will, make it yours
Test me, know me, send me forth.

Triune God, Three in One, One in Three
Receive my prayer, and hear my plea
I pour out my love at your feet
Urge me to grow in your love, be filled with your power
Nudge me and move me to praise you and serve you
Energize me in your service.  Amen.