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An Exercise in Joyful Living

This morning I was reading Ann Voskamp’s Blog “A Holy Experience”  She asked the question, “What if joy were always possible?”  It caused me to stop and ponder.  Is joy always possible?  Yes, of course joy is always possible, because joy is a gift from God.  That lead to another question, “if joy is always possible, and if joy is a gift from God, why then do I occasionally live without joy?”

The answer came a little further into Voskamp’s blog:  Joy is the fruit of gratitude…”

The problem with those days when I know a lack of joy is because I am forgetting to be grateful and thankful for the many blessings that God has given me.

Ann Voskamp has outlined what she calls the June Joy Dare, in which every day in June we find 3 items on a list to be thankful for.  (for the list, please follow the link to the blog a holy experience).  

I thought that it might be a good practice for me to take up the challenge… but of course I am starting 5 days late so I am working on remembering from the last five days.  I will work hard on keeping this dare updated regularly for you as I take this journey in gratitude.  I hope you will find it a helpful journey as well.

Day 1  Something orange…………..

the mango in my oatmeal (okay I know technically it is a deep yellow)
the carrot in my coleslaw
the orange ball cap that makes my grandson look so cute

Day 2 something funny…….
that was Saturday and I was working to get ready for Sunday, so all I can say is that I am sure my cat made me laugh 3 times that day.

Day 3  from today’s conversations
There are so many conversations for which to give thanks on Sundays
those who found worship meaningful
those who shared good news
those who invited me to walk with them in difficulty
those who expressed joy to be in my company

Day 4  In Christ

Day 5 peace, hope, love
the music playing on my computer right now is very calming and peaceful
a facebook post by a friend on God  answering prayer gives hope
Recalling the love of God, the love of family and the love of friends

I pray that as I work my way through this joy dare project that I will be reminded again and again, of the many things big, little, profound, or silly that fill my life.  I am blessed and I am grateful.  Hopefully I will remember to give thanks to God more often.