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Three things from God’s hand in what I am reading.

  1. Jana Greene, The Beggar’s Bakery, blog called Lazy Cat’s Guide to Restful Faith where she discusses that it takes faith to enjoy resting in God.  These are profound words for people who always have to have something to do.
  2. Becky’s blog  From Ministry to Motherhood which explored the same theme.  She talks about planning some time off to read, rest, play, and simply enjoy the space in her life and family.  And discovering that in that space, she has time to  sit at the feet of God.  (sorry I can’t figure out how to post another link…. so here is her address:  http://ministrytomotherhood.com/2012/06/06/and-then-there-was-silence/  (okay, learned an easier way…. cool)
  3. Holly Gerth’s book, You’re already amazing, chapter 8 where she explores discovering  that God doesn’t always want us to be busy.  She says that it’s not about having a full life, but about living life fully.  Hmm doesn’t God talk about us having abundant living in him?  You can find more work by Holly at her blog:  http://www.holleygerth.com/

It seems to me the message from God here is clear…. spend time with me.  Rest in me.  Learn from me.  Come unto me and I will give you rest.  Let me lead you beside still waters.  Oh yes this is something for which to give thanks and to be joyful.