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Day 6:  give thanks for something ugly or beautiful

I have encountered something ugly in my life:  Cancer.  My sister died of it, and I have a friend currently battling her fourth round of it.  Make no mistake, I AM NOT THANKFUL FOR CANCER.

But I am thankful for all those beautiful people whom God challenges to work to finding a cure.

Today I am thankful for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Today I am thankful for Doctors and researchers.

Today I am thankful for those who give up time to fundraise for the relay for life, and those who walk through the night with the prayer that a cure will be found.

And today I am thankful that I found someone who will walk for the cure next weekend and that I was able to sponsor her.

So for all those people, I give thanks to God, and I pray that their labours and time will work together to find a cure.