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Before I get to the assigned task for today, I want to share my joy at the best gift I have ever had.  Today is my daughter’s birthday and she is a wonderful, kind, generous and loving person.  She is an amazing mother.  It is a joy and a pleasure to talk with her.  I thank God for the blessing of having her in my life.  May she be blessed as she celebrates her birth.

The Joy Dare task for today is for something that is empty….

  1. Empty hangers.  The empty hangers in my closet are a sign that I am making real progress on my closet cleaning project.  The two bags of clothes sitting by the door waiting to be given away will hopefully bless others and give them what they need.
  2. Empty voice mail box.  It is so nice to know that no  one wants me to do something, to answer a question, to give advice.  For today, for right now I can just rest and enjoy the day.
  3. The empty tomb.  How can a list of things that are empty not include this greatest gift of all.  The tomb is empty.  He has risen.  Because Jesus lives my sin is forgiven, my life is restored.  God truly is amazing at the way in which he worked out salvation.  It is humbling to know how much he gave of himself for me and for you.

So today I thank God for the joy and blessing of all the gifts he has given me.  My daughter, a true gift from him, the energy and desire to unclutter my life and hopefully make more room for him.  The space in which to relax and enjoy and the gift of salvation.  I may be giving thanks for what is empty, but it certainly reminds me how very full my life is.  Praise be to God.