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I have been pondering the genetic differences with which God has created all of us.  

My grandsons share blue eyes and blondish hair, but then all similarity ceases.  Their features are different.  Their interests are different.  Their attitudes to life are different.  But they are brothers!

My daughter and my brother’s oldest daughter looked for most of their lives very much alike.  When looking at photos we would check to see what clothing they were wearing to know who was who.  Born twelve years apart, at almost every stage until thier teen years they looked as if they could have been twins, and I have to say they shared many personality traits as well.

But can you look so much alike that when you see one, you see the other?  One day my niece found an old photo in my mother’s place at the lake.  She came outside and asked, “Oma, when did you take this picture of me?”  When Mom and I looked at the photo we had to laugh.  The picture was of my daughter taken years earlier.  The likeness was so close that when you looked at one you saw the other.  And even the other was fooled.

All of these reflections have caused me to think about what it means to be a follower of Christ and to be Christ-like.

In the account of creation we read that humans were created in the image of God.  

Jesus says when you have seen me you have seen the Father.

Jesus prays that we would be one with him, just as he and the Father are one.

Clearly Jesus values how much he looks like, thinks like and acts like the Father.  Clearly Jesus desires that we look like, think like and act like he and the Father.  Which of course leads to the point of all this pondering…..

If we are created in the image of God, and if we are to be one in Christ, then should it not also be true that when people look at us they should see Christ and the Father?

Sadly in our sin marred existence we don’t often resemble the God we were created to be in the image of. We don’t often display oneness with Christ in our being or our behavior.  We don’t look like the person we were created to be.

The good news however is that in Christ we are made whole, and that in the ongoing process of sanctification we do grow more and more Christ-like every day. 

I hope, that as I take this journey of faith, and as I deepen my prayer life that those around me, and those with whom I minister do begin to see Jesus in me.

My prayer this night is that they may see the love of Jesus, the kindness of Jesus, the passion of Jesus, the obedience of Jesus and the joy that can only come from God.  When will that be a regular occurrence?  I don’t know.  But with the grace of God I am working on it, and maybe even one day I’ll be fooled and take out a photo and say, God, when did you take that picture of me?  Then God will answer that’s not you, that’s your older brother Jesus.  Family look alikes.  Families look alike.  

What about you?  What in your journey helps you to look more and more like Jesus?