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I am a little behind on checking in with my thankfulness and joy postings.  Here is what I noticed on Saturday and Sunday.

Day 9:  3 things that made you smile

  1. a friend came by after a trip to England and brought me a mug emblazoned with the British Flag and a key chain similarly adorned.  It made me smile to be thought of by her.  It was great.
  2. Went out for supper with a friend.  That always makes me smile.  Don’t have to cook, and even better, don’t have to clean up.
  3. At the restaurant, I smiled at an encounter with a child. This adorable 3 year old girl came out of the kitchen and kept waving at all of us and completely resisting the efforts of her grandparents to bring her back into the kitchen.  

The things that make us smile are often the things we don’t even notice in a day.  A kindness, a pleasant evening out, the antics of children.  We experience these things and we smile, but then we move on.  It is so easy to forget to thank God for those little moments of joy in the day.  And when it is easy to forget to thank him, then it leads to not seeing his hand active in our lives.  If we don’t see the small things, then it can lead to not seeing the big things.  This project is making me very aware of seeing all the ways in which God’s hand is active in my life.

Day 10:  something at 8 am, 12:00 noon, and 2 pm.

  1. at 8 am I was very grateful that it had cooled down over night.  I was also grateful for the cool water in the shower.
  2. at noon I was grateful for the jolt of caffeine from a large Timmies, that would keep me going for the cemetery day service later, at which I was the guest speaker.
  3. at 2 pm I was grateful that the worship area at the cemetery was set up in the shade, and that under the trees there was a gentle breeze which felt so cooling and soothing.

I am grateful for this project because it helps me to give thanks for things that I could so easily over-look.  Truly I am blessed by what God has given me and does in my life.  What about you, how is God blessing you on a daily basis?