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Unlike day 12 where I struggled with what to be thankful for and just didn’t think about the project at all on day 13, this day was a breeze.  Sometimes God works things out so they just all fall into place.  I must say I am impressed.

Day 14:  Three things unexpected

  1. An early morning call from my grandson.  He has already called me twice this week and he is such a joy to talk with, but I didn’t expect him to call again.  He was full of stories about the thunder storm yesterday and excited about his plans to go to the Science Centre on the weekend.  Then as he ran out of stories he said as he always said, “I’m finished talking now.  Bye Grammie.  I love you.”  When he does that he reminds me so much of my father, who when he was finished talking he’d simply hang up, or if he was finished visiting he would simply get up and leave.  Those conversations with “my boy” create precious memories but they also bring the recollections of precious times with my father.  I thank God for both of them.
  2. An unexpected visit from a friend.  She had only just been here on the weekend and I didn’t expect to see her again so soon.  But since I was having an at home day after being gone all day yesterday it is nice to have some company.
  3. That visit is leading to another supper out.  One of my favorite things.  Image Ref: 807-13-9292 - Dining Room, Pockerley Manor, Beamish Museum, Viewed 5495 timesAll I need to do is choose where I want to go.  Oh the choices, the choices the choices.  

Days like this make me realize just how very blessed I am.  Those kinds of little things come into my life on a regular basis.  Family, friends, and times out are things I often write about, but then again they are the things that make my life very full.  Praise God.