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Whoops, I have had a couple of very busy days, and haven’t kept up with the postings about my progress with this joyful living challenge.  Well to tell the truth on Day 12 I was procrastinating….

Day 12 Three gifts full:  I did think about it, but I couldn’t find anything full to give thanks for…to start the morning off I was making a smoothie and I used a full container of yoghurt, but it had a lot of whey on top, so I was pouring the whey off into the sink, when with a plop all the yoghurt followed into the sink and all over the counter.  Couldn’t be thankful for that.   So what else could I be thankful for?  I thought of a dishwasher full of clean dishes, but I’d have to empty it.  A laundry basket full of clean clothes… need to fold and put away.  (Have I ever confessed to you that I am NOT a domestic diva?)  Although that being said, I am thankful to have dishes and food to put on them, and clothes to wear.   In the end I decided that I had a full measure of love.  Family who love me.  Friends who love me.  So, because I had a day full of thinking about what God has given me, I did fulfill the task, but not in the way I expected to.

Day 13  three things smelled:  okay, confession number two.  I left the house first thing yesterday and wasn’t home until late.  I can’t remember anything I smelled.  So I guess I didn’t complete or fulfill  the task.  Yet it seems to me that there is an important lesson in this as well.  These daily challenges are not a prescription for success or failure, but merely an aid to help us become more aware of the ways in which God touches our lives.  It’s not as if I didn’t spend time thinking about God yesterday, because I did.  So I am not going to kick myself for not doing “THE SPECIFIC TASK”, after all this is about encountering God’s grace and not God’s judgement.  So if God isn’t going to kick me for this, I shouldn’t either.  Nor should you.  We can’t be expected to be absolutely perfect in everything.  We are asked to be faithful, open, and honest in our relationship with our God and his people.   This joy challenge, as well as this blog are giving me many opportunities to do so, and as I develop faith, love, joy and obedience, I grow in my relationship with God….. and I ask you, what could be better than that?

Image Ref: 12-74-53 - Flowers, Viewed 7632 timesSo if you don’t stop and smell the flowers, it’s okay.  God still loves you.  His grace is sufficient.  Life is good.