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Yesterday on Father’s Day the joy task was to give thanks for my Father.  Today, then, it is only fitting that the joy task is to give thanks for my Heavenly Father.

  1. My Heavenly Father is patient.  Sometimes I get so exasperated with my cat, who quite frankly is part giraffe.  With his long legs and long body he is able to stand on his hind legs and put his chin on the counter.  He often looks to see what he can find up there, and despite a loud “NO” he will swipe a paw and knock it down onto the floor.  He has taken the phone off the hook.  He regularly steals my eye glasses, and since I’ve been hiding them in the bedside drawer he has started trying to open the drawer.  Then there are those times when from the other room I hear clunk, clunk, clunk as the magnets on the fridge fall onto the ground.  What is he doing?  He is sitting on the top of the fridge just sweeping the door and knocking off the magnets, and lest you think it is accidental, the flat kind are moveable as well, since he has learned to simply hook a claw underneath and make it flip off….. He has what my daughter calls a lot of quirks, and all of those quirks are things that he knows are against the house rules.  It takes patience and a lot of love to be a cat owner.  It takes even more patience and more love to be the God of a people with a lot of quirks, a people whose natural inclination is to disobedience.  I know that there are times when I am doing something, and the Spirit speaks within me, and I respond “I know and I don’t care.”  “I know and I don’t care.”  And yet God still loves me, still forgives me, still gathers me into his arms, still feeds me from his word.  I am grateful that God is patient as he waits for me to grow.
  2. My Heavenly Father has a plan for my life.  He has given me a purpose by calling me into congregational ministry.  I love what I do.  I love planning for worship.  I recognize how privileged I have been as I have ministered with people at the time of death and presided at funerals of those who truly have been the saints in this place.  I have been blessed to watch teens grow into adults and to bless their marriages and to baptize their children.  I have been blessed as I have seen people blossom under the ministry given to me.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been frustrated but since I am not perfect, I am endeavoring to learn to be as patient and loving as God.
  3. My Heavenly Father enjoys my company.  I am so intrigued by the account of creation, when God comes in the cool of the evening to walk and talk with his creation.  God seeks and enjoys my company, and when I seek him out he blesses me with strength, hope, purpose, faith, kindness and generosity.  In the process I grow to be more and more like him all the time.

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