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When I started this blog I was determined that it was for the building up of the body of Christ.  I would not, ever, ever, EVER comment on the state of the church.  And then I read this on one of the blogs that I follow.  Leadership Freak wrote:

Avoid Model T’s. Before driving a Model T you crank it to get it started. If you have to convince, cajole, or constantly crank someone to get them going, that’s all you’ll ever do. You’ll crank them – they’ll sputter – you’ll crank them again the next time. Failing is easy; just spend your time cranking.  http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/the-rule-of-the-needle/

I like this blog because it gives me a lot of insight in how to be a leader and I am growing increasingly aware that this is a skill that I need to develop as I continue to fulfill God’s calling.  I do my best when I work with people who have a vision and insight and the determination to see what God can make of them in it.  I am frustrated when I keep trying to move people who really don’t want to move.  What I need to do is to learn the difference. I am going to take the rest of this blog to heart and meditate on it, and hopefully God will find a way to use what I am learning.