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There are only 8 days left in the June Joy Dare.  To tell you the truth I did not expect to become so captivated by it.  I expected to be frustrated and that happened.  I expected to procrastinate and that happened.  I expected to forget and that happened–but I did not expect to be captivated.  On those days when the topic just reaches into me from all facets of my life, and I give thanks for those things that bring great joy, and yet really aren’t profound that I know God is truly with me.  One those days when the topic is profound, and spiritual, and life altering, I can see how this project is changing me and causing me to grow.

Today’s topic, covers all those bases for me from the simple things that fill my heart to the profound mysteries of God that show me how very deeply I am loved and cherished by my Heavenly Father.

Today’s topic……….give thanks for three things found around a table.  

  1. My grandsons, playing together.  It is amazing to see them together, playing, sharing toys and crayons.  The older one is always teaching his younger brother, saying you make an E like this.  Now you try.  It is a blessing to see his growth and to hear the stories of his joy in sharing.  His latest thing is to only play board games that they can both play, not that either of them play by any known rules mind you.  But to see the 3 year old learning the art of sharing and caring, and to rejoice in how he grows in thoughtfulness is an amazing gift.  The time he and his brother spend playing at the table is about growing up, growing in love, and learning how to live with grace.  Being gathered at the table is about fun, sharing, time together and bonding.
  2. Gathered with friends and family for meals is a beautiful gift of love, fun, sharing, time together and bonding.  Anyone can sit down and eat food, but when you gather with those you love for a meal it is an event.  Sharing a meal with friends and family  is about laughter and love, and story-telling.  Sharing that meal is about those who are absent as much as those who are present as the stories bring them to the table as well.  What a blessing to have people in our lives who make living better just by sharing themselves with us. 
  3. The congregation gathered around the Lord’s Table…If I give thanks for those things above because of the bonds of love, caring and sharing that are found around the tables of play and nourishment, how much more so for the gifts we have in one another and in Christ at the Lord’s Supper.  This is where we are nourished to grow spiritually, as having already been fed by God’s word, we continue as we feast upon the outpouring of his grace.  (This is why I think we need to celebrate this meal more than 4 times a year, but that’s a topic for another day.)  This is the table where we are bonded together in love for God, in love from God and in love for one another.  At this table we feast not only with those who are present, but like a good dinner full of stories we also recall those who have already gone to be with the Lord.  In this meal there is a joining of heaven and earth as we and the saints before the table in Heaven are one in the Lord.   The meal that we share at that table is a reminder that one day, in Heaven, Jesus himself will stand behind the table to break bread and pour wine we would all be able to celebrate together.  

Grace, growth, unity, love……..those are the gifts that are found around the table.