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Somehow the weekend got away from me.  Yesterday was a full day.  Worship in the morning, then a long nap,  followed by the Presbytery induction service in the evening.  As moderator I kind-sorta had to be there.  So although I started thinking about the things to be joyful about, I really didn’t get very far.

Day 24 in water, in words, in white

  1. In water:  God’s gifts to us in water is immeasurable, and sadly we take it for granted.  At least I do.  In my life water has always been readily available from the taps.  We never had to haul it from the well.  We never had to go outside and use an outhouse.  Then as an adult I discovered that people on remote rural farms in the prairies lived without running water.  I was shocked.  In modern north America there were people without running water.  My eyes were opened.  What I had taken for granted other people longed for, people in my own country, accustomed to all the other technologies I knew, didn’t have running water.  So yesterday it was so easy to give thanks for water, in the shower, and from the tap when I got a glass to drink.  And I prayed for all those who do not have the blessing of water.  Those who who don’t have safe clean water to drink.  Those who have to draw from a well.  Those who have to walk miles to get the water they need for the day.  And I give thanks for those times when I participated in fresh water fundraising projects in order to build wells in communities.  Truly we who are blessed often forget how very blessed we are.
  2. in words…. Yesterday in worship we read the commandment that is quickly becoming my favorite, the commandment that is the one that is most often repeated in Scripture.  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  Fear not.  I preached saying that the default human response to danger, uncertainty and even the challenge of God to go forth is FEAR.  And because we are afraid we miss out on the blessing of being cared for by God.  But I also spoke saying that we need to practice faith, we need to pray, we need to meditate, we need to do what God asks us to do and go where God asks us to go and we need to TRUST GOD IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.  This is the only way to develop ourselves spiritually so that we change our default response from fear to faith.
  3. in white…………sorry, I came up blank.  Fortunately I don’t have to be perfect for God, for me or for you.

Day 25, someone older than you.

  1. My mother.  She has given of herself, not only to me, but to all of my siblings as well.  Her love is outstanding.  Her devotion knows no bounds.  A few years ago I had surgery and she came out to stay for a month to take care of me.  A little over a year ago my daughter had her second baby and I couldn’t go to be with her because of work commitments (it was annual meeting season and I had 3 annual meetings to conduct) so my mother went to stay with her for a month and be there to babysit my older grandson while the baby was being born.  That couldn’t have been easy for her as my sister had just died, yet she went and we are all grateful that life triumphs over death in every way.   I am proud of my mother for the ways in which she shows us all how to keep on living life.   It would seem to me that mothers are like the energizer bunny, they just keep on going.
  2. and 3.  I could pick the next two from a long list of people who touch my lives and bless me, but yesterday one of the elderly women in the congregation fell while coming into the church, and one elderly man took her to emergency and waited with her there until the service was over, and then a woman from the congregation came and relieved him.  It’s not the first time these two have been a sign of the church at work and I am always grateful for what they do, as well as what any of the others do, that point so clearly to God’s love and grace.  They remind me of what St. Fancis said:  go forth and preach the gospel and if necessary, use words.