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Do you believe that I have actually done this more or less faithfully for 26 days in a row.  Okay sometimes I did 2 days at a time, but most of the time I was disciplined and stuck to the plan.  And wow have I been blessed, and forced to think about the many ways that God blesses us.  Today’s task makes me look at God’s blessings in yet another way…..  in fabric.

  1. A soft comforter:  Last night it cooled off significantly overnight, and I was grateful to have a light comforter on  the side of the bed to pull over me.   As I  write this I reflect on one of the descriptions of Holy Spirit…comforter.  Aside from being the one who comforts us in our distress, the Spirit also covers us with warmth and protection, we can pull him around us and relax.  Spiritual armor doesn’t necessarily have to be all breastplates and sheilds.
  2. Soft clothing:  I have never liked tight restrictive clothing, and so I am grateful that right now the clothing that is stylish and available in the stores is soft and flowy and very comfortable.  I pray that my relationship with God will grow so that it too just flows softly and is very comfortable…and that will happen right before God pushes me off into something hard and difficult, but at least then I’ll have developed the faith to walk confidently.
  3. A silk pillow cushion:  A few years ago when my cousin came back from China I asked her to look out for something special that a friend of mine was looking for.  Not only did she find exactly what I had asked for, she also picked up a  silk pillow cushion for me.  The silk is beautiful, it pleases me to look at it, but I have to say that as soon as I unpacked it ownership transferred to the cat.  He loves  that silk.  A few days ago a friend was here for a visit and the cat was rolling on the fabric and rubbing against it and she asked me if I really wanted him doing that to such a delicate fabric.  First of all the only way to stop him would be to put it away in the closet then neither of us would get pleasure from it, and secondly he doesn’t seem to be hurting the fabric, he just enjoys rubbing himself against it.  It makes me happy to see him happy.  It also makes me wonder about the things that we treasure in the church.  Do we willingly and happily share them with all the people, of all ages; or, do we say you can’t because you are the wrong age, gender, or race and this treasure is reserved only for the ones who belong?  I believe that we cannot hoard the treasures of God, that they have been given to us to share them freely and widely.  Yes there are some who may damage or misuse the treasure; but that is not up to us to prevent, that is between the individual and God….and who knows maybe, like Buster, they will find  way to enjoy the treasure in a way we had never considered and our enjoyment of God will grow as well.

Just a few things to ponder.