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Today’s Joy Dare, to give thanks for 3 thing eaten.

When it’s food that I eat alone it is often just thrown together, leftovers, or even cereal (sigh) again.  I recently started making smoothies with frozen fruit and either yogurt or protein powder and they are yummy and the variety is as endless as my imagination.  I am currently thawing some spinach that will join blueberries and maybe coconut water in a smoothie for breakfast….. and I am thankful for all that healthy food.

But what I am delightfully thankful for is food that is enjoyed in the company of people I love.  That’s why I love going out for dinner, but in this  case, I am thankful for the food enjoyed at a BBQ with my covenant group.

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

We enjoyed:

  1. Grilled hamburgers, beautifully charred.
  2. A variety of salads, including one made with grilled vegetables that was awesome.
  3. Fresh fruit, strawberries and cherries with ice-cream.
Five loaves of bread and two fish

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

It was a delicious meal, but what made it so special was the other people at the table.  Great fellowship, great conversation and a shared delight as we talked about God made this meal an event rather than just a meal.  Sharing food with people is what we see again and again in the Bible.  In Deuteronomy the people are commanded to bring the first tithe into the sanctuary and there in the presence of God to feast.  In the ministry of Jesus he often broke bread with his disciples, and he multiplied loaves and fish for the people who came to listen to his teaching.  The apostles and the disciples that formed the early church gathered daily around a table as they shared what they had in common.  The church itself celebrates at a meal as bread is broken and wine is poured—the grace of Christ poured out for us.

Meals, in my opinion are meant to be shared, and in the sharing we find joy, we find love, and we find God.

I give thanks for those meals I enjoy in the company of others.  I give thanks for the meals I will enjoy tomorrow, at the Women’s Group Salad lunch and then later as I meet with a group of people for a special supper celebrating the work that we have done together.