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It is hard to believe that this is the last day of the June Joy Dare suggested by Ann Voskamp.  See http://annvoskamp.com/ for more details on the challenge.  This month has blown by and most of the days this challenge has been a joy.  Every day this challenge has stretched me.  I am amazed at the disciplined way I have taken this challenge on, although reporting to you has helped in that matter.  I also think that because it was short term it was easier to follow through with the daily challenges.  And, because the challenges changed daily  that kept it interesting and even better, because the challenges changed daily it was a great way in which to see God’s hand at work in all the areas of my life.

Would I do it again?  Oh yes.  In fact there were days when I was jealous that I hadn’t thought of it.  This of course started me thinking about ways in which I could issue my own challenge.

  • How about an August Adulation Application
  • How about a September Spiritual Disciplines Stroll
  • How about Decorating Advent with Adoration
  • How about Jump-starting January with Jesus

Okay, okay I know, I am digressing and delaying on the final two days of check-in.  That’s because I didn’t finish strong…Here goes:

Day 29 Give thanks for something small, big and just right

This challenge had a Goldilocks ring about it, but it was fun.

  1. Something small:  I received a small ceramic watering pot full of flowers as a thank you gift from a congregation that I had done some special work for.  What a delight to spend the evening with their Session, to laugh, joke and tell stories of the past two years over an absolutely delightful dinner.  The fresh fragrant flowers were just the icing on the cake.


  2. Speaking of cake, the excellent carrot cake that I had at the women’s salad luncheon was too big, but moist, delicious and frosted with a yummy frosting.  There are good cooks at the church where I work.
  3. What was just right about yesterday was the fellowship.  I had the opportunity to speak to most of the people coming and going at the Luncheon.  I enjoyed some great fellowship over lunch.  Then I had a great time talking with the women and their husbands who served, while they had their lunch.  Then an opportunity to visit with some special women.  And then fellowship with the aforementioned Session.  Some days its hard to believe that I actually get paid to do this.  Oh yes, God is good.

Day 30  something that I gave today….

I am stumped.  I have been home all day, alone except for the wonderful person who came and put in a new AC.  Today I napped, worked on worship, made and took a few phone calls and enjoyed the coolness in my apartment.  What I give today is thank to my God for everything that has filled my life and for the new awareness that I have of what he has given me.  Over the past month I have given thanks for:

  • family
  • friends
  • photos
  • paintings
  • fabric
  • fellowship
  • those who pray for me
  • food
  • worship
  • the difficult things that have shaped me and the joyous things that moved me to tears.

Today I give thanks to God, whose blessings are without number and far greater than I would ever had realized with out participating in this challenge.  God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good.  Amen.