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Now that the June Joy Dare is over I can get on with some of the things I had been considering before I started it.  One of the things that I wanted to challenge myself with was to write an acrostic prayer every Sunday based on the qualities of God that we had spoken of in worship.  


Today we identified God to be:  Mighty, Faithful, Merciful and Healing.

My Gracious Lord
I love to sing of your goodness
Grace highlights all that you do for me
Hope in your constancy causes me to sing for joy
This day, and all days I will proclaim that you are mighty
Great is your name and greatly to be praised.


Father, Abba, Loving Papa
All nature joins me in singing your praise
In all of life your goodness is seen
Tenderness flows from your heart
Happiness is mine when I count my blessings
Fierce flames of power flow from your Spirit
Until all your people are filled with your power


May we all, bow before your majesty and ponder your love
Energize us in your service
Re-orient our thinking that we will choose your way
Call us forth into the challenges of faithful living
Infuse us with your Spirit
Fill us with your love
Until we begin to look like you

Loving you by serving others


Honouring you is the joyous activity of a lifetime
Establishing your kingdom on earth is our pleasure
Adoration pours forth from our hearts and lips
Laughter and joy bubbles forth
Indications that we walk with you on life’s blessed way
Now and forevermore

Glory be to you forever and forever …Amen