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Okay, I know I am not posting this until Monday.  Yesterday a nap was way more important. So here are the themes about which I spoke of God in yesterdays prayers for worship, reworked into an acrostic prayer.  Great, All Glorious God.

Grace brings me to your throne
Redemption is the gift for which I give thanks
Everything I have has come from your hand
Abba, Father I thank you with all my heart
Thanksgiving flows from deep within my heart.

Angels sing your praises, and so do I
Love and light flow from your throne
Lifting your creation up into your mercy and grace.

Great are you, and greatly to be praised
Lifting my arms, I praise your holiness
Offering myself again, and again as your servant
Rejoicing in knowing that you have called us all in love
Inviting us to be beacons of light in a world lost in the darkness of sin
Opening our hearts to fill us with love
Until we pour love into all that we do and all whom we meet
Servants of the King, joyously serving.

Glory be to you Father, Son, Spirit
Oil of Anointing flows from your hand
Designating us as your beloved children.  Amen.