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ImageLook at this face, the expression says it all.  I am cat.  I have attitude. Indeed he does.

Most of the time I complain that Buster does not earn his keep around here.  I feed him, clean his box, fill his water dish, buy him a ton of toys, clip his claws, and brush him.

What does he do?  He chews up important papers, gets in the cupboards, knocks stuff off the fridge, shreds the furniture, sleeps on the clean laundry and  taken over the guest room.

What does he not do?  Cuddle in my lap, purr loudly enough to be heard, play with the toys to entertain me.


Yet every once in a while he does something that makes me think he really does earn his keep.

Like this morning when he came to wake me up because he wanted to be fed.  Instead of stalking off, he curled up beside the pillow and purred (not loudly enough to be heard, mind you) and generously allowed me to scratch his ears, until he had enough of that and then he rearranged his body so that I only had access to his neck, then his chin and then his nose.  At one point he moved my hand with his paw to assure I was tickling the correct spot.

As all this was going on, I was pondering my relationship with God.

Yes, that is how Buster earns his keep, he makes me think about kingdom things….

As I was saying, as all that was going on, I was pondering my relationship with God.

God has given me everything:  life, redemption, forgiveness, salvation, hope, faith, joy

What do I give God:  attitude, demands, complaints, lackluster service

What don’t I give God (at least consistently):  service, faith, trust, obedience

And this is especially true in my prayer life.  I pray asking God for things.  And then a few days later I want something else.  Then again another thing.  I try to control God in the same way Buster tries to control me.  And it results in me missing out on blessings.

It has occurred to me in the past few days, that although I have been working hard on trusting God to reveal the new direction for my life, I have been trying to direct him in that revelation.  It has dawned on me that God is trying to bless me in another way right now, and I keep pushing him to give me what I want instead.

My goal right now is to simply rest in the Lord and allow him to bless me as he sees fit, and I ask you to join that venture by praying that I may be humble and allow God to have his will and his way.  Thank you.