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Today in our worship prayers we focused on God’s attributes of compassion and healing.  We were reminded that without God’s compassion none of us would be healed and brought into the joyous relationship with Christ and with one another. 

Today’s Acrostic

Glory be to you O God for the depth of your grace and love
Old and young alike love to sing your praises
Delight fills our hearts whenever we think of you.

Open our hearts to you today
Fill us with your Spirit.

Create in us the desire to serve you
Occupy our homes with your presence
Move among us with your peace
Press us into your service
Align our hearts to you and one another
Speak to us with your word
Support us with your strength
Ignite within us your Spirit
Overcome our reluctance, give us boldness and confidence
Now and forevermore.

Accept our heartfelt praise
Need for you spills forth from our hearts
Delight is known in your presence.

Heavenly Lord
Earthly Christ
Absolute Spirit
Lead us in your service
Incite us to boldly speak of your love
Nurture our faith and our love
Guide us, so that your will is obeyed today and all days.