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This week as I prepared for worship I reflected often on this verse in Ephesians 3:  9

The inexhaustible riches and generosity of Christ. (MSG)

One of the things that gave me joy is that I can learn something new about God every day for the rest of eternity and never know all of the riches, grace, love, mercy, peace and generosity of Christ.  This is such an amazing gift.

For that reason I have chosen today to write the acrostic prayer on this verse, with praise and thanksgiving for all that God has given.

Trinity, Father, Son, Spirit,
Holy One of Heaven
Eternal praises be to your name

Incredible riches are your gift to your people
Never will you let us go, never will your love fail
Everlasting peace and joy are the blessings of your hand
Xavior, Savior, Gift of Redemption, how do we say thank you?
How can we proclaim our love for you?
Again and again words are inadequate, and the songs of our hearts fail to capture all that we desire to say
Useless is the languag of humans, we beg you to rather hear our hearts and know that we love you
Search us and know us, test us and be pleased with what you find
Then in your great mercy fold us into your loving arms
Invite us to the heavenly celebration of everlasting joy
Build our faith, strengthen our mission
Lead us forward, guiding us with your Spirit
Energize us in ministry until we have accomplished all that you ask.

Reveal to us the truth of your Word, the constancy of your love, the power of your Spirit
Infuse us with grace, make love flow in us and through us
Come among us in power
Hover over us with the peace of your Spirit
Encourage us until we respond in complete obedience
Set your seal upon us and send us forth.

Anoint us for ministry
Nudge us forth to proclaim your word
Delight in our stumbline attempts at serivce and redeem all that we do in your name.

Gladly, O God, do we serve you.
Every day we seek to share your wealth with others
Near or far, we will go wherever we are called
Eager to serve, delighted to tell of Christ’s redeeming love
Real love pours from you into our hearts and into our service
Overcoming our doubt, freeing us to live and serve you with boldness
Sending us forth with praise and thanksgiving on our lips
Igniting within us the blessing of the baptism of the Spirit
Teach us to hear you and to watch for the signs of your guidance
Yes O God, Yes O God we love you and we will serve you.

Open our hearts
Fill us with grace.

Challenge us to ever greater tasks
Hold our hearts, our faith and service safely in your hands
Redirect our thoughts to you again and again
Instill in us a love of serving
Stir up within us a love for your people
Train us in the ways of righteousness; until we are all you have created us to be.  Amen and Amen.