Today after morning worship I conducted a memorial service for a dear sweet man.  Over the years that I have known him he has impressed me with his generosity, his wisdom and his faith.  Today I can think of no better phrase to write this prayer than the glorious truth about Jesus:


Incarnate God

Amazing Gift of Grace
Merciful Redeeming Christ

Today in the face of death, we praise you
Hold us tightly in your arms of love
Encourage us with your truth

Remove from us we pray the sting of death
Embrace us with the gifts of redemption
Sustain our faith when we feel as if life is too difficult
Urge every day to see you, serve you and love you
Reveal your grace
Receive our gifts of love and devotion
Energize us in your love
Call us to come forth in your name
Teach us how to love you wholeheartedly
Invite us to reach out to others
Open our hearts and our hands to do your will
Never let us forget that you are with us.

Amazing God
Nature sings your praises
Delights in your presence

The sun shines to show your brightness
Heavenly bodies glow in your presence
Eternity is seen in the working of your hands

Lead us onward
In this life and the next
For you are our God
Eternity will not be long enough to sing of your praises.  Amen.