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Hello everyone.  It’s been a while.  I spent the last week down and out with the flu and as a consequence did not do any blogging.  But now I am back.

Last week, I spent my days in a fog, zoned out in front of the TV, sleeping through the shows I really wanted to watch and awake for the shows that bored me to tears (where is the justice in that?).  In the evening I would climb the stairs and collapse into bed, glad to have survived another day.  

I left the lights on in case I needed to make an emergency run for it… you understand what I mean.  I rolled over pulled up the covers and tried to go to sleep. No go.  I couldn’t do it.  Something was missing.

google imagesThen yesterday I had some energy and got some laundry done, the bathroom cleaned and contemplated loading the dishwasher.  I was tired when I went up the stairs.  I collapsed into bed, pulled up the covers and tried to go to sleep..  No go.  I couldn’t do it.  Something was missing.

That something that was missing was the time I have been spending every night reading Scripture and praying.  A while back I made a commitment to be diligent in my spiritual practice and never be too tired to spend time with God.  (See https://tryingtopray.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/too-tired/)…. well since then it has been my habit to read Scripture and pray before going to sleep every evening.  And now that habit is so ingrained that sick or tired or grumpy or the cat is head bumping me for attention, my time with God comes first.  Who knew that God could be habit forming?

What about you?  How have you discovered that God is habit forming?