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I think that the reason a lot of people don’t pray on a regular basis is because they think that they don’t know how.  There are those who believe that we have to pray in a certain way, follow a certain formula and say certain “high holy” words.

The truth is that prayer is simply our conversation with God.  We don’t avoid relationships with people because we don’t know how to have a conversation with them, do we?  Well the same thing holds true for God.  God wants to hear from us, he wants us to express what is in our hearts.  We may not always have the right words but as long as what we say is real and honest, then it is exactly what God wants to hear.

One thing that is very important to remember is that God who made us, knows our personalities and our quirks.  I like to play with words.  People know that.  Words are fun.  They can express so much, and when you put them together in certain ways they can speak volumes.  

One of the word plays that I really enjoy is alliteration, and it is something that actually comes easily to me. I often alliterate without thinking about what I am doing.  So I wasn’t surprised last night as I was praising God and just expressing my absolute delight and joy at what God was doing in my life to hear myself saying:

Gosh, Gee, Golly, God
you are
Great, Good, Grand, Grace-filled, Generous, Glorious
and I LOVE you.

So today I urge you, try praying as if you were just talking with a friend, and with an open heart pour your thoughts and desires before God…. and see what happens for you.