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Yesterday in worship I focused on the themes of welcome in the kingdom of God.  The epistle lesson from James pointed out that if you discriminate about who you welcome to worship you are guilty of sin.  Then the story of the Syrophonecian woman pointed out that God’s grace, healing, love and acceptance is for everyone regardless of creed, color, race, or sex.

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Why is that so hard for us to learn?

I asked a serious of questions to help the congregation discern who they would feel comfortable welcoming to worship, and boy did they surprise me.  As one remarkable gentleman pointed out, we might be uncomfortable, but we would welcome them anyway.  

For these reasons, today’s acrostic prayer is a reflection on two of God’s attributes.  First of all God is awesome and then he is welcoming.  That awesomeness and welcome was so noticeable in worship yesterday.


Adonai, God of love
We come eagerly into your presence
Energy flows into us from your Spirit
Showing us your greatness, calling us into your majesty
Open our hearts to love you and our lips to sing your praise
Melt away our love of sinning
Energize us in your service

Watch over your church
Enliven it’s mission
Light up the world with the love and joy of your people
Create within your church a new sense of urgency for your mission
Organize a new wave of your Spirit’s power
Mighty God, with out you we are lost
In you is all our strength and our hope
Now and forevermore
Great and holy is your name.  Amen