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Like most clergy the old joke I hate the most is:  You only work one day a week.  Over the years it gets more and more difficult to laugh along with the people who poke fun at what I do as something that is easy and requires minimal effort.  I WISH.

Today is one of those days.  I have spent the whole morning on the phone.  There are difficult situations that need, nay DEMAND attention.  Today I have been in discussions about three situations in which difficult and sometimes hurtful decisions will have to be made.  No matter how much you do for others, how many ways you find to help them out, sometimes the call of the church requires that some hard demands be made on people.

It is only noon and I am exhausted.  I want to run away and sit by the lake and pretend that I don’t have any responsibilities.  I want a new job, maybe one that includes the phrase, “do you want fries with that?”  

But I am called by God to work in his church.  I hold a position of responsibility and even worse Scripture points out that because of my calling, my responsibility is even greater.  So I cannot run away. All that I can do is run to God for the assistance that I need to get  through the next few days.

I still have the afternoon to go, and then a meeting tonight and then tomorrow more discussions about what now seems like an impossible situation.  On days like this I am more than grateful that God gives us grace and mercy in abundance.

All I can do today is pray;

God may your mercy be shown in all I do.
God may your grace flow through all I do.
God may your wisdom direct my thoughts and actions.
God may your love prevail.
God may your strength uphold me.