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Yesterday was an overwhelming day for me, and others.  As one person put it, he felt like he had been blindsided by the events as they unfolded.  We still have to meet the challenges of those problems and with wisdom and compassion do what will be best for all the parties involved.  We will certainly need to rely on God’s wisdom.   Yesterday I prayed for that wisdom and compassion as I prepared for last night’s meeting.

At the meeting we began with a reflection on being those who act with the love of God for one another, and then we dealt with the business of the meeting.  We had many serious issues on the agenda, including one of those situations I mentioned yesterday in which a difficult decision needed to be made.  The people gathered at that table discussed with concern, compassion and a balanced view of all sides of the problem, and then very wisely decided that the course of action to follow was to be tempered by grace.  I had  gone expecting a tough night, and it was but God was present and  that made a big difference.  When I came home I was not nearly as stressed as I had expected to be when I left home.  

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As I relaxed by watching some TV one of the contestants on a show I watched, commented on  the difficulty in his life and how people keep wondering why he isn’t more stressed.  He said it really was simple.  He was too blessed to be stressed.   As I pondered those words I realized that this is true for me as well.

As difficult as last night’s meeting was, the blessing of God was clearly in evidence, the peace, love and wisdom of God prevailed.  That blessing went a long way to ease the  stress that I was feeling.  

I think  that maybe I have found new words to live by, words that I hope I can remember whenever life  throws curve balls  at me.  I am too blessed to be  stressed.  Praise be to God.