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I am getting later and later at posting the Sunday Acrostic Prayer.  There was so much stuff on my mind that I wanted to write about that it slipped past me.  My 100th post also slipped past me, how can it be that I have had so much to say?  Thank you for encouraging me in all that writing.  You, my readers, mean a lot to me.

So, on to the prayer.

On Sunday I used the refrain in both the prayers of worship:  

If today we hear your voice in our hearts, we vow to follow it.

It is so important not only to learn to recognize God’s voice, but also to respond to it.  To listen and go.  To listen and do.  To listen and act.  To listen and obey.  That will form the theme of today’s prayer.  Listen, go, do, act, obey.

Lord my God, today you call to me, my heart stirs in response
instill within me a silence to listen and a willingness to respond
show me the way of service
teach me the way of obedience
encourage me to accept the challenge, no matter how difficult
nudge me out of the comfortable pew and send me forth

grant me courage
offer me boldness

delight my soul with your constant presence
open my heart to allow your love to flow through

applaud my efforts, encourage me to grow
confirm that I have heard your correctly
teach me your ways

open the road before me, block off the routes that I would take on my own
beckon me to come forth in your name
encourage me with new gifts and skills
yesterday, today, tomorrow, I am yours to command.  Send me forth.  Amen.