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Today in worship we read the scripture from Mark 9, where Jesus asks the disciples what they were arguing about, and they were silent, because they were arguing about who was the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus pointed out that the greatest was the one who was the servant of all.  The greatest servant of all is of course Jesus, and we would all do well if we tried to emulate him.  Today the prayer ends with the final verse of Lord of all power by Jack Winslow.  I love that the hymn expresses that our true freedom is a freedom to be servants.  What a privilege to serve our God.

Glorious, all gracious savior
Realign our hearts and our wills
Encourage within us a servant’s heart
Adjust our thinking until it is focused only on the things of God
Teach us to listen for your voice, silence the clamor of our own voices
Establish within us a desire to love and serve you above all else
Travel with us as we walk the pathway of faith, service and blessing.

Search me, O God and know me
Encourage me in what your heart desires, that I may turn from the world to you
Renew my love for you, renew my desire to serve you
Victory is mine, only in your and in your strength
All seeing, and all knowing God immerse me in your love
Never let me go
Teach me to know the first signs that I have strayed from your path

One and only God, hear my plea
Free me to be your servant

Anoint me with your Spirit
Love your world through me
Let me sing of your love and your power over and over again until these words fill my heart to overflowng

Lord of all being, I give you my all, if e’er I disown you, I stumble and fall, but, sworn in glad service your word to obey, I walk in your freedom to the end of the way.  Help me O God, to remember that your freedom is a freedom to be a servant and that is where my joy will be found.  Amen.