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This morning in worship we read from the Book of Esther.  What is most striking about the story of Esther and Mordacai is that God began answering their prayer years before they even uttered the words.  It makes me realize that when it comes to trusting God, we really need to just stop and relax and realize that when God says, “I’ve got it” he really does “have it”.  The interesting thing about Esther and Mordacai is first, that they didn’t just rush in and demand that God do something.  They agreed together that Esther and her maidens, and Mordacai and his friends would fast and pray for three days and rely on the direction that God would give them.  When that direction became clear Esther made her requests known to the king and then patiently waited for the Lord’s timing to work everything out.  Most of all I noted that when they started praying, things actually got worse for a while, but they simply trusted God and God really did “have it all under control.”  These are the big lessons of faith:  Pray for guidance…… instead of demanding that God fix it.  What does God need us to do in the unfolding of his will?  Trust with patience…. instead of complaining that things are getting worse, be patient and allow God to work it out in his will and his time.  Be ready when God needs you to do your part…. at the right time, Esther made her petition before the king, she waited on God’s timing to do so and it was the PERFECT timing.  

Today let us pray and reflect on the phrase:  God Answers Prayer

Great and holy God, Creator of the Universe
only you know the depth of our need, only you know when and how to fulfill that need
deepen our trust in you, that we will rely on your timing, and not try to force the situation according to our own will.

Align us with your will
nurture our faith, build our confidence
show us the unfolding of your hand and help us to understand your ways
whisper to our fear, shout to our defiance, calm our impatience
envelop us in your love and encourage us to trust you and you alone
re-align our will to conform with yours
send your Spirit to fill our hearts.

Prepare us to take our part in your plan for our lives and your church
render us fit for service in your kingdom
anoint us with your Spirit
yet never leave us alone, until we learn to yeild to your Spirit
encourage us in hope, require our humble service
re-energize us in your service, so that we may be useful in accomplishing your will.  Amen.