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Dear Readers:  I you have been following this blog for a while, you will remember that in June I participated in the June Joy Dare, as found on the blog that Ann Voskamp  writes.  I found that joy dare to be an inspiring and fulfilling way to increase joy in God.  It was an awesome experience.  Then toward the end of August I noticed that she had posted another joy challenge for August, and I resolved then to check her site more faithfully and not miss the next challenge.  I checked her site all through September hoping she would outline something for October and the Thanksgiving season and saw nothing.  

Then in the craziness (how ironic) of this past week I missed reading her blog, and lo and behold, she has posted the outline for the October crazy joy.  Love it, glad I found it, and I will do my best to participate in it, and post for you my triumphs and challenges as I attempt to grow to be crazy with joy for my Lord.

If you want to know more about this project, I invite you to go to;  http://www.aholyexperience.com/crazy-joy/ and read more about the monthly prayer outline.

So of course I am beginning a few days late, but since you know that one of my challenges is a daily disciplined spiritual life, you will no doubt see more often through October that I will reflect on more than one day at a time. (Especially since I’ll be spending 3 weeks on vacation with my grandsons, enjoying a whole other kind of crazy joy.)

October 1:  give thanks for 3 things orange….1.  The leaves on the tree across the parking lot are beginning to turn orange.  What a reminder that God is a great creator, whose has provided us with a variety of seasons, each with their own joys and each with their own challenges.  I am enjoying the cooler weather and the riotous maybe even crazy colors that adorn God’s world.  2.  the orange cover on my Bible, which has become a nightly companion in a way that I could never have imagined in the days before I started blogging.  3.  The orange notification symbols that pop up when you like what I have written or comment on it.  Your support and encouragement mean so much to me in my journey of faith.  For these and all other things orange I give great thanks.

Oct 2  3 things falling.  1.  I am absolutely crazy with joy about the falling temperatures.  The heat and humidity of summer are over and the crisp cool fall air is a joy.  While others near where I live had turned on their furnaces I have yet to venture into the basement and flip the switch to open the radiators.  I am enjoying the cool weather, and with doors and windows open I may sometimes have to resort to snuggling under the afghan, but it is so nice.  2.  Falling pens, remind me that my cat  does bring joy into my life, and that he is still young enough to be crazy.  He provides distractions when I start getting too immersed in work, and that must complete this task mentality.  His antics keep me balanced.  Now if he would quit over turning the waste-paper baskets my joy  would be complete.  3. I am always grateful for the love of God which falls down in my life like the rain from the sky.

October 3:  caught….let go… midway….  I have over the years been caught up in the joy of the Lord.  I have let go of the joy God brings me and I have struggled in that midway place where I didn’t know how to find him.  In all of those states of being I have learned a lot about the love and grace of God and his tender and constant care over me.  I am crazy about the way God loves me… the real  me, warts and all.