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The past few days I have been spending a lot of time thinking about the energy we put into relationships, with our family, friends, and the pets in our lives.  On Grimm’s Furry Tail, http://grimmsfurrytail.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/the-furry-tail/ I read the story of how Grimm’s owners were wanting to put him to sleep for having an intestinal infection that would take a long time to treat, and how he was rescued and brought into a loving home simply because of his happy never still tail.  In that home he has repaid the love given to him in multiple ways.

basking in the sun, and lying “sticky side up”

That story reminded me of one of the most amazing cats that I have ever had the opportunity to share a home with.  Thanks to my daughter, Tigger came to live with us one cold winter.  She was smuggling hot soup and hot water out to him, then I softened and we built him a cozy home outdoors, then I softened and we let him in, our other cats got along with him very well from the start and thus he came to be a part of our family.  Unfortunately the urge to be outside was still very strong in him.  As a result he ended up with infected bites from the many fights he found himself in.  The last such bite we did what we always did and carried him off to the vet and had it lanced and treated.  From there things got worse as the infection spread, he was in a coma, and then the infection was walled off and he lost his skin all down one leg.  A thousand dollars later we were on first name terms with the vet and no longer paying for office visits, just the cost of treatment.  Many times friends advised me to quit throwing good money away and just have the cat put to sleep.  But we had invested so much and he was getting better, although so slowly you could hardly see it.  There was just something that we could not let go of, we loved that boy and we couldn’t just give up on him.  Years later when he died, he still had some patches of skin that had never grown back, and we were always reminding him to lay sticky side up, but the joy and the love that he gave us could not be measured.  His love and devotion knew no end.  Although I have owned other cats, and my daughter has owned other cats we agree that Tigger was the most amazing cat ever.

So all of this has caused me to reflect on the nature of God’s love for us.  He gathers us in, and we insist on going off on our own way.  He brings us back in, heals our hurts and wounds and before long we are insisting that we can take care of ourselves.  He sends his son to die to redeem us and we still insist on going our own way.  God has poured out his love for us in a most costly fashion.  He didn’t give up on us, even when the cost meant deep personal pain for him.  

I was reading in one of my on the go books last week that the time we spend with God should be a delight and a joy rather than a chore.  The author pointed out that all too often we treat the spiritual disciplines, study, prayer, worship, etc. as a chore that must be accomplished as a part of our spiritual journey.  He pointed out that we should rather think of it as an opportunity to spend time with God and express to him our overflowing love and gratitude for all that he has given to us.  

We need to be more like Grimm who wags his tail enthusiastically whenever he sees his owner.  We need to be more like Tigger who purred and loved and rubbed and showed his love to us all the time.  God has done so much and loved so much, lets spend time with him merely as a way of showing him that we love him back.