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This has been a very difficult number of weeks for me.  In a world of roller coaster rides, this one is all downhill.  So the third Antiphon, in which we are reminded that God is our “Wisdom from on High” is an especially comforting thing.  God watches over me, and in his wisdom he takes care of me and lays out my life in such a way that his blessing abounds.  Do I believe it?  Yes, but I have those moments when it is hard to hang on with God.  I am pleased to be reminded that God is wisdom and he orders all things in our lives and our world.  As he shows us the path of knowledge all will be revealed and that glass that we now see darkly through will become clear and we will see the way that God has prepared for us to go.  

If you too are facing questions and doubts then please join me in prayer

Welcoming God, Source of Hope
In all that you do, your care over me is prevalent
Strengthen me now with the confidence born of faith
Direct my thoughts to the unfolding of your plan, and the revelation of your path
Open my heart to know your will, your guidance and your love
Melt my doubt, calm my fears, keep my feet travelling on your pathway.

Friend of us all
Remind us of your never ending love
Only you are God, only you are Love, only you are hope…….. only you is my prayer
My God, whom I love, my God whom I serve, my God whom I trust.

Only you in my life, only you in my heart, only you whom I trust above all things
Never may I forget your goodness to me in the past, never may I let go of the confidence of your goodness to me in the future.

Heavenly God, Father, Son, Spirit
Immaneul, God with us
Giver of life and salvation
Healer….. in you I place my trust.  Amen.