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I have just come back from being spoiled for Christmas.  My good friends opened their home, made me a special stuffing and a separate gravy, and added a gluten free dessert.  My friend’s brother-in-law, whom I haven’t seen in years, was also among the house guests and before I arrived he had gone shopping and picked up gluten free beer and some yummies at a new gluten free bakery in the town.  My friend’s husband picked up a whole bunch of squares at that same bakery.  Then the junk cupboard was full of nibblies that were gluten free so that we could munch on them during the card game marathons that are so much a part of our time together.  I actually won a game, that’s twice this year, so I’ll need to watch my back from now on……

The day after Christmas my friend’s brother-in-law was headed out to go shopping and he asked me if I needed anything, that he would pick up anything my heart desired.  Wow.  But I desired nothing, I had already had the greatest gifts of love, hospitality and welcome… so I responded, “my heart is full.”

And that is the truth, “my heart is full.”  It was full on Christmas Eve as I proclaimed, “your king is born, your salvation is come.”  It was filled to overflowing with the warmth of the love and welcome my friends and their family gave me.  “My heart is full.”

When I got home I read a message from a friend on facebook that said, “desire the eternal gifts”.  God, Jesus, salvation, friends whose presence is a reflection of the love that Jesus came to give….those are eternal gifts.  No wonder my heart is full.

Nothing in my life has changed.  I am still only working half time.  I am still frustrated in my search for a full time congregation to serve.  I am still worried about how to make the money last for a month…. but for now  “my heart is full.”

The gifts  that God brings are those gifts that fill our hearts and make joy-filled living possible.   I am loved by God and loved by people who are very special to me and loved by my family (and might I add my daughter always give perfect gifts).

Good God.  Good friends.  Great family…. my heart is full.  There is simply nothing left to say.  My heart is full.