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It’s a new year, and I am not making any resolutions.  Why?  Because I don’t keep them.  You who have been reading this blog for a while know that I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to routines and tasks.  I am much more a go with the flow person.  I have books all over the house  that I am in the process of reading…life lessons just seem better in small doses here and there, and sometimes we just need a different dose all-together.

But what i do want to do  this year, is to work on the desires that I have, and to do so in a way that suits my own personality and style.

1. I desire to learn more about my allergy and learn how to manage it and my health better.

2.  I desire to grow closer to God, to trust him more implicitly and to listen more carefully for what it is that he is telling me and asking of me.

That’s it.  And frankly if I focus on #2 I’ll cover the first and cover everything else in my life that is important.

To all of you who have loved me, supported me and prayed for me I give great thanks.  For my marvelous family and friends I praise God.  You have made a great difference in the trials of th last 2 years, and I count on your prayers, encouragement and support as we discover together the joys and sorrows of 2013.  In turn, I promise you that I will pray for you, encourage you and support you as well.

And now, let us pray for the year that is before us:

Heavenly God, Lord of all time, Master of Eternity
Another year in human time has begun
Plentiful blessings from your hand await us, and we pray that we will recognize them when we see them
Plentiful opportunities to grow in faith, and to serve others are before us, and we pray that we will recognize them when we see them, and respond with eagerness
You are all that we need.  May we never forget that.

Nuance our living with the power and the presence of your Spirit so that we grow more and more attuned to his speaking
Energize us and the ministry we do with the power of the Spirit and the desire to serve you in all things
Walk with us so closely that we will never lose our way.

You O God, You O Christ, You O Spirit are all that we need, keep our hearts centred on you.
Encourage us with hope, uplift us with faith, fill us with confidence
Arrive among us every day, make us aware of your presence and cause us to find our delight in you.
Rise up in all that we do, so that in our lives you will be glorified.  Amen.