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Without a doubt, December was an awful month for me.  Every time I answered the phone it was a friend in another heartbreaking situation, and then there were of course my ongoing worries about my own situation.  There were days when I was not handling any of it well.  There were days when I could not find the faith to hold on to, and I allowed myself to wallow in despair.

When I come out of those periods I always wonder about two things.

First, I marvel that God is gracious and lifts us up out of our problems and gives us this big dose of faith to carry on.  What an awesome God.

Second, I worry that my newly refreshed faith is really just a blind faith, fed by denial, and will take me nowhere.  The second wonder never does last long, as in this newly refreshed faith I make new discoveries about the faithfulness of God.

Last night I heard as if for the first time, the statement “There is nothing blind about faith.”  Wow, what a corrective for the second thing I wonder about.  There is nothing blind about faith, because faith is a gift from God.  There is nothing blind about faith, because having faith in God is aligning yourself in God’s will.  There is nothing blind about faith, because God is greater than all of our circumstances.

The best thing about faith is the freedom it brings.  Freedom from worry.  Freedom from striving.  Freedom from having to control everything in my life.  Freedom from the circumstances that pull me down.  Even better faith gives great benefits.  Freedom to soar.  Freedom to praise.  Freedom to relax into joy.  Freedom to sing and best of all freedom to pray.

If this is the result of blind faith….BRING IT ON!