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Tomorrow I am preaching on the Spiritual Gifts, those gifts that come to us when we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  As Presbyterians, we are decidedly uncomfortable with the Holy Spirit.  But we neglect the Spirit’s power to our own detriment.  

What we need to do is to stop being uncomfortable, stop being afraid, stop denying that we need the Spirit and instead embrace all that will be possible when we allow the Spirit to flow in us and through us.  

The only thing we need to do is to be willing, and open our hearts to receive and then, when the Spirit comes, embrace the gifts that come with him.  Then…. we need to put on our crash helmets, do up our seat belts, and wait and see what wonders God will accomplish through us.  Let us pray:

Wind, Flame, Power, come and fill us
Infect us with your power, fill us with your presence,
Then give us freely from your gifts
Holding before us the life changing combination of power and calling

Then give us freely from your gifts as you may choose
Heaping upon us gifts of healing, gifts of proclamation, gifts of service, gifts of power
Energize us in your service.

Spill over into our lives, proclaiming to all who are near that you work in us
Propel us out into the streets
Invigorate us with boldness and eagerness
Raise the roof, send wind, send flames, send power
Infuse us with your goodness until we don’t know where we end and you begin
Then teach us how to show others that your power and substance are for them as well
Spirit of God, Holy Wind of Power, Heat of flame…do not let us go until we recieve you

Grant us an open heart and a willing spirit
Indicate where we are to go
Fit us for service
Tend the garden of your gifts within us that they will abound
Spirit, bloom in us, that your fruit may be multiplied

Enter now into our hearts
Make us into your people
Point us in your direction
Order our lives according to your will
Wind, Flame,Spirit, we bow before your majesty
Enter us now and never leave us
Require us to risk it all in your service

Until we so resemble you that others see God, Christ and you in us
Spirit come and be our life.  Amen.