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Today I am preaching on Psalm 19, which says, “the Law of the Lord is perfect” and then it goes on to outline the riches of perfection that can be found in the Words of Scripture:  encouragement, wisdom, joy, enlightenment….the purity of eternal graces.  We are privileged to be able to read Gods’ word and do the work of understanding that word and of learning how it is God’s word for us.  

Today’s  acrostic prayer is God’s Law is Perfect.

Glory be to you O God for you have given us your word and shown us your way
Open our hearts we pray that we may more perfectly understand you and more perfectly obey you
Deliver us from doubt and fill us with faith
Show us the pathway you have prepared for our journey of faith.

Lead us onto your path
Appoint us to serve you along the way
Walk with us until our journey is completed

In simple joy, in grateful devotion we confess our love for you
Showering you with the praise of our lips and our hearts

Praising you in the morning and in the evening
Eagerly seeking your word and your face
Reflecting upon your revelation to us and for us
Forming within our hearts a seal
Etching in our very being the image of you
Causing us to rise up, go forth and live like Christ
That we might be known as your children, now and forevermore.  Amen.