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It is a day full of good news….

First, I saw my Internist and learned that my blood iron levels are high.  So that means no iron infusion.  I will have another blood test in 6 months and see what happens then.    Good news.

Better news, Buster is home.  Apparently from the time he felt better he was giving the vet’s staff attitude plus.  He is now home checking out all the smells of the place and has stopped complaining.  That’ll probably last until I give him the first of his pills later tonight.

By the time we make our follow up visit and follow up tests I will “owe my soul to the company store” but his love and affection since we came home make me so happy I can almost say it is worth it….

In the meantime I give thanks to God who does far more than I can ask or imagine and I am very happy that we in this house are under His loving care.  

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, for me and for Buster.  You are definitely part of God’s loving care.