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Detente:  the easing of tensions or strained relations.

Last night as I was praying, I asked God for continued improvement in health for my cat, Buster.  Then I asked for a detente between us regarding the pills and the new food which he hates.

Then to make myself perfectly clear, I said, “and by detente I mean complete and total capitulation to my will.”  The laughter resounding through the heavens was almost audible.  If I do not bow my will to my sovereign God, how on earth do I expect a cat, to bow his will to mine.  After all, as all cat owners know, cats consider themselves to be if not gods, at the very least superior beings….submitting to my will is out of the question.

Yet this morning a sign of hope.  We have achieved a detente of sorts on the matter of taking the pills.  He sits on my desk and glares at me with that unmistakable look that says, “I am using every curse word known to cats.” while I shove pills down his throat.  Then we cuddle (his least favorite activity in the whole world) for about 10 minutes while I wait to make sure he is not fooling me again and prepared to spit out a hidden pill as soon as I put him down.

As for the food… the hunger strike continues.

All of this of course raises questions about my own relationship with God.  How often does God give me what I need for my own spiritual health, and I simply ignore him, and reject his gift?  Far too many times.

How often does God cradle me in the comfort of his arms while I struggle to get away and seek my own path?  Far too many times.

How often has God called me to come and feed upon his word and I have responded by going on a hunger strike?  Too many times.

My prayer:

Oh God, forgive me my stubbornness.  Redirect my will so that it more closely aligns with your will.  Make me willing to receive from you all the good gifts you have prepared, trusting that all you have given will be for my ongoing spiritual health.  Make me willing to let go of control and relax into your love and your guidance.  Amen.