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God’s word is sometimes hard to hear….so hard in fact that it angered those who heard it in Nazareth, and they then attempted to take Jesus and throw him off a cliff. 

Paul says to Timothy that God’s word is useful for teaching, rebuke correction and training in righteousness.  My struggle, as I journey in my life with God, is to take that rebuke and correction and accept it as the gift of grace that will teach me to grow in righteousness.  It would be so much easier to only read the parts of the Bible that I like.  I would prefer to ignore those parts that make me squirm in the uncomfortable knowledge that I am not yet fully the person that God created me to be.  When I get to the place where I embrace all of God’s word, even the bits that make me squirm, then and only then, will I be able to hear God’s word as good news for me.  Then I will finally be engaged in training in righteousness.

Training in Righteousness… Let us pray:

Teach me O God your word
Reveal to me your grace, even as you train me and rebuke me
Align my heart to your will, that I may learn from you and serve you
Instil in me a desire to hear your word and learn its meaning for me
Nudge me onto the pathway of righteousness
Increase my desire to serve you in all ways
Now, O God, I give myself to you
Grow righteousness within me, that I may be your faithful servant.

Inspire me with your Spirit
Nurture within me a right spirit, a spirit that longs for you

Reveal your grace and fill me with all goodness
Ignite a hunger for truth
Grab my heart and never let it go
Hide your word within me, that it may be my constant compainion and guide
Tenderly set my feet on the pathway of service
Energize me with your Spirit
Open before me the way that I must go
Upset my carefully crafted designs and plans
Show me the futility of following my own way
Never let me forget your goodness
Engage my will, that I may give it wholly unto you
So Lord may I serve you
So Lord may I love you.  Amen.