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This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday, the Sunday when we read the Scripture Lesson of Jesus being transfigured, changed until he glows, as he meets on the mountain top with Moses and Elijah.  Although it is not stated, perhaps because it goes without saying, he also met there with God.  We also read the Exodus account of Moses on the mountain top, receiving the 10 Commandments, and how when he comes down he is so, altered by his experience of the presence of God that his face glows.  On that mountain top Moses and Jesus have what George Fox (founder of the Quakers) calls a real and vital experience of God. 

I am pretty certain (100%) that Jesus always knew that real and vital experience of God, and that he frequently withdrew to a private place to pray in order to stay immersed in that intense relationship. 

I have also been reflecting on my own relationship with God in the light of these readings.  Given the uncertainty of my own life at the moment, and the events that seem to rock the foundations of my life, there are people who ask me how I am and when I respond, “I am fine,” or “I’m good”  the query my response.  “Really,” they say with a deep undertone of skepticism.  “Really”  I respond.  And I am.  I am  discovering that there is something about this relationship that I am developing with God that transcends the reality of my life. 

I am not living in denial
 but I am fine.  
I know that God has not yet revealed his plan for the next stage of my life
but I do believe that God will reveal it when the time is right.  
I do know the depths of grief, and the despair of financial worry
but I know that God walks with me on the path. 

Those moments that I spend with God:  the Scriptures, the devotional books, the prayers for myself and others, and the practice of silence and centering prayer, they are nourishing me.  When I see what those times away did for Jesus, and how time with God caused Moses to glow with the radiance of God’s Spirit, I believe that it is those moments on the mountaintop with God that are making my confident living possible.  And so I rejoice.  I am glad that I have a real and vital relationship with God—it makes a difference in my soul.

Out of this flows this week’s acrostic prayer:  Mountain top encounters

My soul yearns for you and in my very being I seek to know your love
O Holy God, reveal yourself to me, that I may reveal myself to you
Until I know you, live in your grace, walk in your love and glow with your Spirit
Now and forever my delight is in you
Teach me the meaning of grace, immerse me in your splendour
Align my will with yours
Immortal God, I immerse myself in you
Now and forever my delight is in you.

This is the place where we meet
Opening my heart to you as fully as you open your heart to me
Praising you for you have touched me with your love and filled me with your grace.

Eternal God, I rejoice in being your child
Needing your daily guidance
Cherising your love
Open to your grace
Unfettered by the masks I present to the world
Needing your daily guidance
Til I become more and more Christlike in my spirit
Eternities gifts flowing through me, using me to touch your world with grace
Reaching through me to care for others
Sending me forth with an eager heart to do your will.  Amen.

thanks to Google Images for the photos