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One of the things that I determined to do this year was to be more open to and attentive to the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Today’s Lenten Meditation asked questions that reminded me of that resolution.

First though, the Lenten project directed my attention to God’s call to Moses as he tended sheep in the mountains of Midian.  There at the base of Mount Horeb, God called to God from a burning bush.

What Moses noticed wasn’t that the bush was burning, but that the bush was burning, but not burning up.  It was never consumed by the fire.  

Would he have given the bush a second glance if it had burned up?

How long did it take before he was attentive enough to notice what was actually happening?

Those are questions that I try to focus on as I read Scripture and pray.  I often find myself saying, “What is happening here? ”  and far too often I find myself needing to go back and re-read something because I missed what was important.  It makes me wonder, how many other times have I missed what was important and didn’t go back to take a second look at what God was trying to tell me.

But Moses did go back and take a second look.

Then, when he did so he had a holy encounter with the God of creation, the God of his ancestors.  That encounter rocked the foundations of his world, and Moses hid his face, afraid to look at God.

How often are we aware of just how great our God is?  
How often do we fall to our knees in awe, wonder and yes–even fear?  
Isn’t being attentive to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit what makes those very encounters possible?

Those are the kinds of encounters that we need to have with God.  Those encounters sustain our faith, send us forth, and give us the courage to say yes to God’s asking.

These are the questions posed in the Lenten Study:

Would I hear God’s cal if it happened to me?
Am I willing to serve?
Am I willing to listen?
Do we still see burning bushes in our lives?


I know that when my life gets cluttered, full of the distractions of work and pleasure then I don’t hear God as well.

 I know it right now.

Since I started this Lentern journey, I have been reading and studying in the morning, and that’s a good thing….. but, I have also undertaken a project to clear out my book shelves.  Some books to keep, others to give away…. and in the process I am re-reading books that I haven’t read in years.

Murder mysteries.  
Adventure stories.  
Epic sagas.

They are gripping tales, by some of my best loved authors.  And I am reading them in every spare moment, even and especially those precious evening moments that I used to spend in God’s word and prayer.  And I know that I am missing those intimate moments where I encounter his word, pour out my heart, pray for others, and affirm that my trust is in him.  I have stopped looking at the burning bush, I have stopped listening for the still small voice.

It is such a small thing.  And yet it is a crucial thing.  What’s worse is that it I knew it was happening.  I told myself to pick up the Bible, but I needed to know what was going to happen in the next chapter, and I chose the other.

So much for my resolve to be more attentive to the Holy Spirit.


So today I reaffirm my resolve to look for the Holy God present in my ilfe…… and see where it will lead me.